With everyone living longer, we may have to parent our parents even longer than parenting our children

What you'll learn from reading this book:

  •  Identify the initial signs your aging parents need help
  •  Transform your relationships with your parents and siblings
  •  Locate the services, products and people your parents require
  •  Heal your family wounds that may have festered forever

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Jane Wolf Waterman has spent nearly four decades honing her skills as a problem-solver, applying her special brand of “listening” to the concerns presented by her clients. Graduating with honors from Wellesley College, Jane received her Juris Doctor law degree from Boston University. Later in life, she attended UCLA to receive her master’s degree in social welfare, becoming a licensed Psychotherapist.

Jane’s years of education reflect more than focused determination and scholarly discipline. They also afforded Jane a fascinating career with the Peace Corps and VISTA Volunteer programs; in anti-poverty law; as a Law Professor working with Dream Team attorney Gerald F. Uelmen; a “dealmaker” at 20th Century Fox and a part of some of the most fascinating cases of our day. Jane has also won awards volunteering her time at AIDS Project Los Angeles, running caregiver support groups and working to change unfair tax laws.

Jane now practices psychotherapy in her offices in southern California. For decades she’s counseled individuals and families to successfully resolve their biggest challenges – be they emotional loss, practical, relational or stage of life. Bringing the experience of teaching and practicing law to her work as a mental health professional and family coach, Jane feels privileged to have helped so many people live happier, healthier and saner lives. But she’s not been content to stop there…

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Get 10% off by using the code: SN5AFLFM