Caregiver Stress Check –

If you are a caregiver, and want more valuable resources check out to check your stress and more.   Even though this is specific to Alzheimer’s, which strikes 1/2 Americans over 85, you will find the information here helpful for every situation. Remember to talk to one of our Certified POP Family

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4 Tests You and Your Loved Ones Can Take to Check Aspects of How Well You’re Aging

    Here are 4 simple test we’re told that you can take — along with others in your family — to reveal how much. or if, you’re at risk for falling, assessing your own physical function, and determining your muscle loss/tone. Whenever possible, we at POP encourage you

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Laugh Cafe for Seniors: Laughter is the Best Medicine

Washington’s Sibley Memorial Hospital holds monthly hour long laugh sessions for seniors and their families. This has proved to be a very beneficial health program. “Along with relieving stress and lowering blood pressure, laughter has been shown to relieve pain and boost the immune system.” What are your thoughts on using laughter to treat the elderly?  Leave

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