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Parenting Our Parents™ (POP) is the personal tale of millions of men and women in their 30’s 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond who thought they’d finished parenting but have been drawn back in, this time to care for their own elderly parents and other family members.

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  • 27 Apr

    HOLLY K., from Charlotte, North Carolina

    “Jane has been a wise and steady hand through our times of family turmoil, counseling us as we have gone through big life changes with my eighty-something parents. When my parents gave up their home of 40 years, three siblings and I struggled to help them — and ourselves — deal with the stresses and strains, mostly because of the distant places where we had settled..."

  • 16 Mar

    LOI E., from Sandpoint, Idaho

    "Words are inadequate for describing the clarity and genuine compassion Jane expressed towards my family when she coached me in navigating our mother’s illness-induced transition from dancing queen to compliant patient. Reading Jane’s account of how she parented her parents touched my heart and revealed gems of wisdom relevant to all voyageurs at any point on this journey..."